AUCTION Terrey Collection of Vintage Radio - Session Two

UPDATE #3 - Sept 22, 2016
Auction Report - Realized Prices - Slide Show


Session One A Success - Something for Everyone


On September 18, 2016, there was something for everyone at the Terrey Auction of Vintage Radio! Prices ranged from $20 to $14,000! Even my grandson and another teenager bought radios and are now radio collectors.


In about six hours, 386 items, including 51 box lots, were sold by auctioneer Wayne Tuskula of Central Mass Auctions. There were no reserves. The auction was held on-site, under a tent, in Carlisle, MA at The Barn. A preview and BBQ was held the previous day with about 75 attending each.


In addition to live bidding, bidding was available via the Internet, telephone and absentee. Reflecting the rarity of many of the items, 39 lots sold for over $1,000. However, 173 sold for under $250, including 61 under $100. Bargains were to be had. Internet, absentee and telephone bidding were handled efficiently; about 28% of the winning bids were to Internet bidders. The box lot prices ranged from $10 to $400. Bidding energy held up until the very end - even the final box lots averaged $100 each.


Click "Lot List" for realized prices and enjoy the slide show below.


Many thanks to those who attended, especially those beyond an easy day's drive – Texas, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina and elsewhere. And, indeed, there was a parade of radio enthusiasts from Kutztown to Carlisle on Saturday!


The Second Auction will be on November 13, 2016. Of course, there will be another BBQ at the Preview on Saturday evening. At auction will be wireless items plus sets from Grebe, DeForest, Federal, Jones, Kennedy, Kodel, Chelsea, Crosley, Miraco, Ozarka, Radio Shop, SE-AR-DE, General Apparatus, Freed-Eisemann, Sleeper, Western Coil, and others. Start planning to attend now!


John Terrey


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55-Year Collection At Live Auction in Two Sessions




Preview & BBQ November 12, 2016



Live Internet Bidding at


Live, Phone and Absentee Bidding:

Auctioneer: Wayne Tuiskula (MA License #2591) – 508-612-6111


Destined to be the Vintage Radio Auction of the Decade!

Under a Tent – On Site – The Barn – 498 Cross St., Carlisle, Mass.

Radio Auction Consultant: Bob Dobush


(Advance viewing will be possible by appointment)


PLUS: Auction of Un-Cataloged Box Lots

(Before and after the main auction – For attendees only)


PLUS: Tag Sale of Lower Valued Items

(Before and after the main auction and at the previews)

(To Keep It Simple - Cash & Check Only At The Tag Sale)








John Terrey speaking to a few of the hundreds of visitors to the collection since the 1990s.
The near 1,000 items are on display in the 2,000 sq. ft. museum in The Barn.


SESSION ONE – Sunday September 18, 2016

Partial Listing of the 300(+/-) Offerings (Subject to Change)

See a more complete listing of Auction Lots


19(+/-) ADAMS MORGAN items including the RA-6 Receiver, the 25U Transmitter, the Silicon/Antimony Detector and loose coupler
3(+/-) A.C. GILBERT sets including two crystal sets and the 1-tube receiver
5(+/-) AIRWAY sets including the Model G and two versions of the Model F
20(+/-) AMRAD items including the rare 3366 Reflex, 3071 RF Amp., 3500-U (6-unit set) and 3570 Portable
27(+/-) ATWATER KENT sets including ten Breadboards, the Crystal Set and the Model 50
3 CHICAGO RADIO LABS items including the rare PAR tuner, the matching AGN2 3-tube unit and the AM-2 2-tube unit
25(+/-) CLAPP EASTHAM items including the ZRF, the Blitzen Receiver and the large long-wave loose coupler
11(+/-) FIRTH items including the 41A portable, the 230A, three versions of the 235A receiver, several small units, and three different Vocaloud speakers
9(+/-) MAGNAVOX horns/amplifiers/combinations including a 6-tube amp and an amp/speaker combination in a cabinet
4 NEUTROWOUND sets including the Blue and Red Models
2 PITTSBURGH, two versions of the SP-2 receiver
39(+/-) RCA/WESTINGHOUSE items including Radiolas I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIIB, VIII, IX and X, the AR, RT and DR, the TF transmitter, Westinghouse 2-piece Rebroadcast Receiver, the 2-piece ET-3619 & ET-3620 transmitter, the large HG-1380 loop antenna and the RCA Theremin
8(+/-) ZENITH items including the Zenith Companion Portable and the Zenith-Like Westbur Six
3 Multi-Valve sets, Baby Emerson, Standardyne, Loewe
ALSO: Mu-Rad, Penna. Wireless, Tuska, Richie, Acme, Colby, Cutting & Washington
ALSO: 22(+/-) CRYSTAL SETS including the Hunt & McCree, the E.I. Interstate, and the Brush Bug
ALSO: 19(+/-) HORN SPEAKERS including 5(+/-) AMPLIONs (including the Patrician), Bennett Auditorium, and several Pedestal Horn Speakers
ALSO: Loose Couplers, Loop Antennas, Advertising pieces, Crystal Detectors and more…



(NOTE: The camera may have picked up a few items on the shelves not in the auction)


A few of the Amrad Sets including the 6-Unit 3500-U and 3071 R.F. Amp. Upper left


The four Neutrowounds (left) and five of the Atwater Kent Breadboards




A few of the Tuskas (left) and Cutting & Washington Sets (right)
including the Model 11 (lower right)



ET-3619 & ET-3620 transmitter (top, left) and the Westinghouse 2-piece re-broadcast receiver (lower left).
On the right are the Firth sets, three versions of the 235A, the 230A and several of the small units.
The Vocaloud speakers are top, right.





The Chicago Radio Laboratory PAR Tuner and the matching AGN2 3-tube Det/Amp




On the left are the Adams 2-5-U Transmitter and the Adams Morgan RA-6 Receiver.
The Zenith Companion Portable Receiver is on the right.



Pratt Tuning Aerial Loop Antenna is on the left. The RCA TF Transmitter is upper right.
Lower right are the RT Antenna Coupler, AR RF Amp. And the DR Det/Amp (RC-Coupled)





Amplion Horns including the Patrician and a Manhattan Symphonic





Clapp Eastham sets including the ZRF (center) and the Blitzen Receiver (right center)