AUCTION Terrey Collection of Vintage Radio - Session Two
Auction Listing of Lots for Session 1
1AcmeAcmeflex4-tube set. Uses Acme components. No tubes.80200
2AcmeAcmeflex4-tube set. Uses Acme components. With (4) Bakelite base tubes, display.80175
3Acme4-Tube ReceiverWith (4) Bakelite base tubes, filament OK.100300
4AcmeY-1Detector Unit (UV type tube base). With (1) brass based, tipped tube, good filament.80150
5AcmeY-1Detector Unit for WD-11 type tube base. With good filament UX-201 and adapter.80150
6AcmeY-2Amplifier Unit with (1) brass base, tipped display tube.80150
7AcmeDY-10Scarce. 2-Stage AF Amplifier. Includes good original box. With (2) brass base tubes, filament OK. Nice label in lid.300700
8AcmeDY-12Scarce. Detector & 2-Stage AF Amplifier. With (3) Bakelite base tubes, filament OK. Nice label in lid.300700
9AcmeAcmeflex5-tube set using the Acme "D" coil tuner and large audio transformers. Cabinet by R-E-Z Cabinet Co., 54 North St., Boston, Mass. With 5 tubes, untested. An impressive set!80200
10AcmeAcme 3-tube receiverAcme set with the New York Evening Journal "Filter Tuner", paperwork included. Acme parts. No tubes.80200
11Acme - Clark'sAcme Reflex5-tube receiver. Using Acme components and the Acme "D" coil tuner. Partially wired. No tubes. Panel engraved: Clark's, 30 Boylston St., Boston."80150
12AcmeHomebrew5-Tube set. Uses the Acme "D: coil tuner. Has a built-in Full-A-Tone horn across top of cabinet. With (5) Bakelite base tubes, filament OK. Impressive!100300
13AcmeLoose CouplerAn interesting loose coupler design. Excellent condition. 100200
14Air-Way Co.F4-tube receiver. 1 RF, 2 AF. Natural wood chassis. (4) Bakelite based tubes, filament OK. Has tag on lid.250550
15Air-Way Co.F4-tube receiver. (1) RF, (2) AF. Natural wood chassis. Has tag in lid. No tubes. Cabinet fair to good.200400
16Air-Way Co.G5-tubes, RF Amp, Detector. AF Amp. (5) Bakelite tubes, filament OK. The top of the line Air-Way receiver!400900
17Air-Way Co.414-tube receiver. No tubes.100250
18Air-Way Co.515-tube receiver. 2-Stages RF; Detector; 2-Stages AF. (5) Bakelite based tubes, untested. 100150
19Air-Way Co.616 tube broadcast receiver. Panel has flaws. No tubes.80150
20Air-Way Co. (?)1-Tube Receiver1 tube receiver with Airway components, (3) variometers/variocouplers. 1 Bakelite based tube, display. Left side of panel warped. Possibly made up.100200
21AmplifexLoop Antenna, folding, with compassOriginal, in fair to good condition.200450
22AmplionAR-19 Horn speakerWood pedaled horn speaker, driver OK.250500
23AmplionAR-114Wood pedaled horn speaker, driver OK.250500
24AmplionAR-111Metal bell, horn speaker, driver OK.250500
25AmplionDragonfly Horn SpeakerSmallest Amplion speaker, metal bell, driver OK.200600
26AmplionPatrician Horn SpeakerOrnate open wood grille cabinet containing curved horn inside. Driver OK.5001200
27AmplionAR-39Straight neck horn speaker, driver OK.250500
28AmplionAR 38Early, traditionally styled horn, driver OK.200500
29AmplionAC-12 cone speakerDriver OK. Cabinet good.100200
30Amrad2575 Crystal SetCrystal Set with detector on upper left of panel.350600
31AmradType-E Crystal SetCrystal receiver with detector on lower right. (It is tiny, just a wire from the lower right terminal to the crystal just above.)250700
32Amrad2645 VariometerVernier Variometer, no rear cover. With auxiliary tapped coil accessory.100250
33Amrad2753 Coupler100250
34AmradD-1 VariometerMedium Wave100200
36AmradType A VT DetectorEarly! Tube socket inside. No tube included.150300
37Amrad2771 VT DetectorWith (1) brass, tipped tube, filament OK.125350
38Amrad2776 2-Stage AF AmplifierWith (2) brass tipped UV-201, filament OK.250500
39Amrad3071 2-Stage RF AmplifierScarce! With (2) Bakelite tubes, filaments OK.8001500
40Amrad3366 Crystal/Reflex Receiver1 tube, standard version. Crystal detector correct, but rusted. With (1) Bakelite tube, filament OK. Tube cover found and included.6001500
41Amrad3366 Crystal/Reflex Receiver1-tube, larger panel version - in custom display cabinet.300900 "
42Amrad3366 Table ConsoleModel 3366 reflex receiver mounted in a table/console cabinet. With built-in horn speaker and wind-up phonograph. Phonograph swings out from end of cabinet. Crystal detector missing parts. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP! 200600"
43Amrad3500-13475 Broadcast tuner & 2634 Detector & 2-stage AF Amplifier. Locking slot on rear transformer socket damaged. Transformer included.500950
44Amrad3500-3 Inductrol4-tube set. With brass base tubes, filament OK.150350
45Amrad3500-U 6 unit setIncludes: 2771, (2) 2766, 3290, 2753 and Secondary unit. with (3) Bakelite tubes, filaments OK.8002000
46Amrad3670 Portable ReceiverSet with crystal/reflex circuitry. With WD-12 (filament OK). Appears complete, both lids, (including crystal detector) but missing the handle and straps.5001500
47AmradNeutrodyneWith (5) Bakelite tubes, filament OK.125250
48Adams Morgan Co.RA-10, Continental Radio, DistributorRegenerative tuner. Appears complete. Engraved on panel: "Paragon Regenerative Receiver type RA-10" Metal panel tag: "Adams Morgan Co. Manufacturers Continental Radio And Electric Corp. Sole Distributors.300600
49Adams Morgan Co.RA-10Regenerative tuner. Appears complete. Engraved on panel: "Paragon Regenerative Receiver type RA-10." Metal panel tag: "Paragon Regenerative Receiver Manufactured by Adams Morgan Co. Upper Montclair, N.J. Type RA-10 Serial No. "300600
50Adams Morgan Co.DA-2Detector, 2-stage AF amplifier. 3 brass based, tipped tubes filament OK.300600
51Adams Morgan Co.RD-5With (1) brass base, tipped display tube.300500
52Adams Morgan Co.RD-5 VariantWith (1) brass based tube, filament OK.8002000
53Adams Morgan Co.A-22-Stage AF Amp. 2 brass based, tipped tubes, with filament OK. 300900
54Adams Morgan Co.RASScarce regenerative receiver.5001500
55Adams Morgan Co.10-RRF amplifier. 1 brass based, tipped tube, filament okay.200600
56Adams Morgan Co.RA-6Very desirable, rare, early Adams Morgan receiver. 600015000
57Adams Morgan Co.RB-2Includes battery compartment in cabinet. 3 brass based tubes filament OK.300600
58Adams Morgan Co.RB-2ANo battery compartment in cabinet. With (3) Bakelite base tubes, filaments OK.250500
59Adams Morgan Co.Crystal DetectorHorizontal Detector with compression contact. After a little cleaning, a great piece. Appears original.200400
60Adams Morgan Co.Crystal DetectorArm with ball adjustment with vertical contact. (Item possibly not correct)50150
61Adams Morgan Co.Silicon-Antimony DetectorOriginal!350700
62Adams Morgan Co.VT Control Unit1-Tube unit. 1 brass based, tipped tube, filament OK.75160
63Adams Morgan Co.Paragon Crystal SetIn leatherette box with lid. Gold lettering in lid.100300
64Adams Morgan Co.Two2-tube receiver. With (2) Bakelite based tubes, display.150250
65Adams Morgan Co.Three3-tube receiver. With (3) Bakelite based tubes, display.150250
66Adams Morgan Co.Four4-tube receiver. Regenerative RF amplifier, detector, 2-stages AF amplifier. No tubes.100300
67Adams Morgan Co.2-5-UScarce. Transmitter. With two UV-202, brass base, tipped tubes, one with good filament.18004000
68Adams Morgan Co.CondenserOriginal. In 6" x 5 1/2" x 4 1/2" cabinet. (Missing panel screw has been replaced)50150
69Adams Morgan Co.Loose Coupler - Navy TypeAppears original, nice tag.200500
70Adams Morgan Co. (?)Meter BoxAdams Morgan box with 3 Weston meters (1 voltmeter, 2 ammeters). Possibly made-up vintage item, nice.200350
71Adams Morgan Co. (?)Detector/AmplifierDetector, 1-stage AF amplifier. In Adams Morgan cabinet. Brass based display tubes. Probably a made-up item, but nice.200400
72Amsco Products Inc.Melco Supreme4-tube, TRF receiver employing Acmedyne circuit. Uses unusual Telos tunable RF Vario-Transformers. With (4) Bakelite display tubes.500900
73AtlasCabinet Horn SpeakerOval shaped cabinet. Good driver.100300
74Atwater KentBreadboard 39453-tube set. The variometer (center) was not sold with the set; the buyer purchased it separately and installed it to achieve regeneration. With (3) Bakelite tubes, filament OK. No tags.9001500
75Atwater KentBreadboard 39753-Tube breadboard with variocoupler and variometer. Detector & 2-stage amp. With (3) Bakelite tubes, filament OK.. With (2) tags.6001200
76Atwater KentBreadboard 4052Bread board with (4)brass based, tipped, display tubes, Type 11 tuner and audio transformer. No tags.9001500
77Atwater KentBreadboard 4066With (5) brass based, tipped tubes, including metal caps. Filament OK. With (2) upright audio transformers. No tags.6001500
78Atwater KentCrystal Set BreadboardAppeared on cover of A.R.C. August 1989. No tags.5001200
79Atwater KentModel 9-C (4660)4 Tubes, 2 RF coils, 2 variable condensers. With (4) brass based tipped tubes. (3) with filament OK. With (2) tags.8001500
80Atwater KentModel 10 (4600)With (5) Bakelite based tube, filaments OK. With (2) paper tags.5001100
81Atwater KentModel 10-A (4550)With (5) Bakelite base tubes, filament OK. Has (2) paper tags, one is damaged.5001100
82Atwater KentModel 10-C (4950) in Pooley Console CabinetTear in grill cloth. With (5) Bakelite tubes, filament OK. BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP.350900
83Atwater KentModel 12 (4600 with 4340 tag)With (6) Bakelite tubes, filaments OK. With (2) paper tags.6501200
84RPMOne-tube Audio Amplifier "Island"Similar to Atwater Kent breadboard components. With 1 Bakelite display tube.100300
85Atwater KentModel 19 (4880)4 Tubes, 1-stage RF, Detector, 2-Stages AF. No tubes.200350
86Atwater KentModel 20 (4640), Large, "Big Box"5 Tubes, 2-stages RF, Detector, 2-Stages AF. No tubes.125400
87Atwater KentModel 20 Compact5 Tubes, 2-stages RF; Detector; 2-Stages AF. With warranty on bottom, as well as tag and label. With (5) Bakelite tubes, filament OK.125250
88Atwater KentModel 20 Deluxe 4920 (AKA Model 24)5 Tubes, 2-stages RF; Detector; 2-Stages AF. With (5) Bakelite tubes, filament OK.125250
89Atwater KentModel 5-A5-A receiver, 5-tube. Unusual, similar to model 20 "Big Box". No tubes.200600
90Atwater KentModel 21 Dry Cell Set 77805 Tubes, 2-stages RF, Detector, 2-Stages AF. With (5) 199-type tubes, filaments OK.125300
91Atwater KentModel 306 Tubes;,3-stages RF, Detector, 2-stages AF. With (6) Bakelite tubes, filament OK. With warranty tag80150
92Atwater KentModel 30 in Pooley CabinetUnusual, 6 Tube conbsole; 3-stages RF, Detector, 2-stages AF. Horn opening out side. No tubes. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP.100400
93Atwater KentModel 32 (8270)7 Tubes, 4-stages RF, Detector, 2-stage AF. With battery cable. No tubes.5090
94Atwater KentModel 33 (8930)6 Tubes, 3-stages RF, Detector, 2-stages AF. Has antenna adjuster. With (6) Bakelite base tubes, filament OK.50120
95Atwater KentModel 35 and Wave Trap6 Tubes; 3-stages RF, Detector, 2-stages AF. Note that tubes hang upside down. Also called the Bath tub set. With 6 Bakelite tubes, filament okay. With "matching" wave trap, not made by AK. Compare with the Day-Fan pair.100200
96Day-FanJunior and Wave-Trap6-tube "Bathtub" Similar to Atwater Kent model 35. Sold with wave trap.150450
97Atwater KentModel 48 (9840)6 Tubes; 3-stages RF, Detector, 2-stages AF. Similar to Model 30, but gold panel. With (6) Bakelite base tubes, filament OK.50100
98Atwater KentModel 49 (9860)6 Tubes; 3-stages RF, Detector, 2-stages AF. Similar to Model 33, but "gold" panel. Has antenna adjuster. With battery cable. With (6) Bakelite based tubes, filament OK.50100
99Atwater KentModel 50 (8500)Scarce set! 7 Tubes. 4-stages: RF, Detector, 2-stages AF and detector. Components enclosed in metal boxes with removable lids.6001500
100Atwater KentModel 55 in Kiel Golden Voice TableTable in good conditiopn. Tubes not tested. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP.100500
101Atwater KentModel LHorn speaker. Driver OK.75250
102Atwater KentModel RHorn speaker. Driver OK.75250
103Atwater KentDisplay: Radio ArtistsColorful, 3-D, curved standup display. 27" high, 20" wide and 7" deep. The photo(s) tell the story!5001500
104Atwater Kent3-Panel Folding Display with Ship MotifBlack background with Clipper ship. 48" x 20" overall.125400
105Atwater KentBanner with Model 10 BreadboardShows Model 10 breadboard. 17 1/2" x 20". Slight crumpling on right edge. With original mailing tube and letter from company.100300
106Atwater KentNewspaper Advertisement, Distributors, LargeNewspaper advertisement, framed, displaying authorized Atwater Kent dealers. 22 3/4" x 34".100300
107Atwater KentPhoto - Factory Visitation, September 25, 1928Distributor representatives from Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia photographed standing in front of factory. 31" x 11 1/2".100300
108Atwater KentPhotograph - "The Factory Behind the Product"27 1/2" x 17 1/2". Some water staining at edge. Glass needs cleaning.100300
109Atwater KentPoster, large, original, by McClelland BarclayWoman lying next to AK Model 35 & speaker. 42" by 20". Barclay was a member of Art Students League, Artists Guild and others. Reflections from protective plastic.600900
110Atwater KentSign, Illuminated, Glass with BaseWorking, original, advertising item. Enjoy the photos.6001200
111Atwater KentSign, Red & GoldColorful, framed Atwater Kent sign. 23" x 18" wide.100300
112Beaver Electric Corp.Beavertone"The first cathedral radio!" A battery set, no tubes. Scarce.300800
113BennettAuditorium Horn SpeakerScarce, driver OK. 200800
114Betts and Betts Co.D2ARare, 3-tube item, detector and amp. With (3) Bakelite base tubes, filaments OK.100300
115Betts and Betts Co.TunerRare, 2 tuning knobs.100300
116BrushBug Crystal SetMissing slider on coil. Ceramic is clean. Fixed detector inside.400900
117BurnsHorn SpeakerBlack driver. Missing (1) binding knob. Driver OK.200500
118BurnsHorn SpeakerBlack driver. Driver OK.200500
119BurnsModel 205B Horn SpeakerChrome driver. Repair at base of horn bell. Driver OK.100200
120Cambridge Sanitary Co. Ceramic Horn SpeakerHorn Speaker supplied with Baldwin driver. Horn condition is very good, rubber "coupling" is dried out. Baldwin driver fits loosely.100300
121CanovaCoffee Can Crystal SetAppears to be a manufactured set. Unusual!75250
122Cheever, Wm. Co.Wecco Crystal setVery good original condition.75200
123Cheever, Wm. Co.Wecco Gem Crystal setVery good original condition.75200
124Chicago Radio Labs.PARTuner. Original. Scarce, see photos for details.400012000
125Chicago Radio Labs.AGN23-tubes, detector & 2-stage Amplifier. With (3) brass based, tipped tubes, (2) filaments OK. Rare! See photos for details.30009000
126Chicago Radio Labs.AM-2 (Audion Amplifier)With (2) Moorhead display tubes. Scarce. See photos for details.15004000
127Chicage Radio Labs.PAR (Authentic?)Appears to be a C.R.L. item, but tag is different from others. No cabinet back.10003000
128Chicago Radio Labs./ClonePARTuner. Nice display item.500900
129Clapp-Eastham Co.Blitzen ReceiverRare. Includes Blitzen tuner/receiving transformer, rotary variable condenser and Ferron detector.6003000
130Clapp-Eastham Co.Blitzen TunerScarce. Variometer with taps. 30 primary and 12 secondary contact points.100400
131Clapp-Eastham Co.ZRFTuner. Scarce. Herald Greenwood tag.7001500
132Clapp-Eastham Co.Long wave loose couplerScarce. 35" long! Original large loose coupler with tag. See photos for detail.8003000
133Clapp-Eastham Co.HR1-tube Regenerative Receiver Mahogany Cabinet. With battery.100300
134Clapp-Eastham Co.HR1-tube Regenerative Receiver Oak Cabinet100300
135Clapp-Eastham Co.HZ2-tube AF Amplifier Mahogany Cabinet100300
136Clapp-Eastham Co.HZ2-tube AF Amplifier Oak Cabinet. No tubes.100300
137Clapp-Eastham Co.HRAScarce, small, 1-tube AF Amplifier. Cabinet is 5 3/4" high.100300
138Clapp-Eastham Co.A-32-tube AF Amp. No tubes150350
139Clapp-Eastham/Wireless MFG Co. (Canton, Ohio)2 Tube Amplifier. Similar to Clapp-Eastham A-3. No tiubes.100200
140Clapp-Eastham Co.A-42-tube AF Amplifier. No tubes.150300
141Clapp-Eastham Co.C-234-tube receiver. No tubes.100300
142Clapp-Eastham Co.C-234-tube receiver. No tubes.100300
143Clapp-Eastham Co.C-33-tube receiver. No tubes.200500
144Clapp-Eastham Co.DD3-tube receiver. With (3) Bakelite base tubes, display.100300
145Clapp-Eastham Co.Haynes Tuner1-tube receiver. No tube.150350
146Clapp-Eastham Co.R-31-tube receiver. No tubes.100300
147Clapp-Eastham Co.R-41-tube receiver. No tubes.100300
148Clapp-Eastham Co.R-4/A-51-tune receiver & 2-tube AF Amplifier Single cabinet version. No tubes.150400
149Clapp-Eastham/WestcottLDRReceiver and amplifier using Clapp-Eastham (?) Cabinets. Similar to Clapp-Eastham R-4/A-5. No tubes.100200
150Clapp-Eastham Co.R-4/HHLR-4 and HHL 2-tube AF Amplifier Single cabinet version. No tubes.150400
151Clapp-Eastham Co.Radak Type RHMMade for R.H. Macy & Co,, New York City. 3-Tube set with room for batteries. No tubes.150300
152Clapp-Eastham Co.RZ3-tube receiver. No tubes.200400
153Clapp-Eastham Co.Unico Special Receiver1-tube receiver. 1 Bakelite tube, filament OK.100300
154Clapp-Eastham Co.Gold star5-tube receiver. No tubes.100250
155Clapp-Eastham Co. (Homebrew?)SS Variometer Crystal SetCrystal radio receiving set, Possibly made up using Clapp-Eastham Type SS variometer.100250
156Clapp-Eastham Co.BQ Wavemeter Y-7042With (2) coils and crystal detector.100300
157Clapp-Eastham Co., Brooklyn, NYBaby Emerson1-tube receiver using Emerson multi-valve tube containing 3 triodes in one envelope. Tube replaced with one with a good filament after photo.300700
158Emerson Radval Corp.Multivalve Tube (only)Multivalve tube, also called the E.M.V. Three triodes in one envelope! Item includes tube, socket & box. Filament good.200600
159Cleartone Radio Co.Clear-O-Dyne4-Tubs set. Nice original set. No tubes.180600
160Cleartone Radio Co.Super Clear-O-Dyne5-Tube Set. No tubes. Good original condition.180600
161Colby Telegraph SchoolReceiving Transformer, one adjuster shaftReceiving transformer with one adjustable coupled coil. Unusual.100350
162Colby Telegraph SchoolReceiving Transformer, two adjuster shaftsReceiving transformer with two adjustable coupled coils. Unusual. Original tag, Pat, date 8-13. Rare. Good condition.100350
163Colby Telegraph SchoolFive-Tube ReceiverUsed the Colby receiving transformer with one adjustable coupled coil. Unusual. 5-Tubes. In original. as-found condition, with original dirt and no cabinet. Wooden base is cracked. Condition poor, but a rare item! No tubes.150500
164Curtis, SamuelShort Wave Receiver1-tube regenerative. By Samual Curtis, Braintree, Mass. (Boston). 1 Bakelite tube, display.
165Cutting & Washington11With (3) brass based tubes, filament., OK.8003000
166Cutting & Washington11A3-Tube, double-tuned circuit, regenerative receiver. Model without battery compartment. (3) Bakelite tubes, filament OK.200500
167Cutting & Washington11B3-Tube, double-tuned circuit, regenerative receiver. Model with battery compartment inside cabinet. No tubes.200500
168Cutting & Washington12A2-tube, single circuit portable set. Front cover missing, back cover present. No tubes.250600
169Cutting & Washington151-tube receiver. With (1) tube, untested.150300
170Cutting & WashingtonTeledyne4-Tubes (UV-199), double-circuit regenerative receiver with 2-stages AF amplification, plus a tube ahead of detector to reduce radiation. No tubes.150300
171Deutsche Telephonwerks U KabelindustrieLoop AntennaFolding. Open size about 38" high by 38" wide.150400
172Electro ImportingInterstate Crystal SetRare. With E.I. single headphone. Detector missing cat whisker and coil missing slide contacts/springs. "E.I." in the Bakelite on phone and top of coil.300900
173Firth, John & Co. Inc.Type 15-B3-tubes; 3-stage AF amplifier. No tubes.200600
174Firth, John & Co. Inc.Type 35-A Crystal SetSingle circuit set.300600
175Firth, John & Co. Inc.Type 35-B Crystal SetTwo circuit set.300600
176Firth, John & Co. Inc.Type 36-A1-tube detector unit. With brass base display tube.250600
177Firth, John & Co. Inc.Type 38-A3-tubes, Detector, 2-stage AF Amplifier. With (3) Bakelite base tubes, filaments OK.250600
178Firth, John & Co. Inc.Type 40-A2-tube AF amplifier. No tubes.100600
179Firth, John & Co. Inc.Vocatone Type 230-A3-tubes, Detector, 2-stage AF amplifier. Cabinet finish is flawed in several places. No tubes.6001500
180Firth, John & Co. Inc.Model A Vocaphone Type 235-A3-tubes; Detector, 2-stage AF Amplifier, horn speaker. No tubes.10003000
181Firth, John & Co. Inc.Model A Vocaphone Type 235-B5-tubes, Detector, 2-stage AF Amplifier, horn speaker. With 5 brass based display tubes.8003000
182Firth, John & Co. Inc.Vocaphone Type Lloyd Wireless Telephone Corp.4-tubes. Similar to 235-A and 235-B. Fair condition. No tubes. Cabinet is fair.6003000
183Firth, John & Co. Inc.Vocaphone Type 41-A Portable Receiver1-tube portable receiver in box with lid, including Firth headphones. With (1) brass base tipped tube, filament OK. Includes handle.6002500
184Firth, John & Co. Inc.Vocaloud Type 1Horn speaker in cabinet. Model without loud-soft adjuster. Driver OK.5001200
185Firth, John & Co. Inc.Vocaloud Type 1Horn speaker in cabinet. Model with loud-soft adjuster. Driver OK (clicks).5001200
186Firth, John & Co. Inc.Vocaloud Laboratory ModelHorn speaker on laboratory stand. Driver OK. Faint Clicking when tested with a D battery. Laboratory stand is marked Firth!5001500
187Firth, John & Co. Inc.Type L Long WavemeterLong wavemeter, range 1500 to 20000 meters. Glass meter face cracked.180500
188Firth, John & Co. Inc.Type LG-11 Capacity BridgeMissing leather handle. With single headphone.125300
189No Lot
190Gale Radio LaboratoriesThe Town CryerCeramic. Small chip on right-upper edge. Driver OK. Has tag.200400
191GemcoModel 20 Pedestal SpeakerCone speaker. Driver OK. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP!200600
192GGHMajestic 45 with White Pyralin Horn SpeakerHorn speaker, 12" diameter. Driver or cord open.3001000
193Gilbert, A.C.Crystal Set with original detector.With blueprint instructions in lid.180600
194Gilbert, A.C.Crystal Set with fixed detectorWith 2-color label in lid (repro?)80200
195Gilbert, A.C.1-Tube unit1 brass based, tipped display tube, filament OK. Similar to the Adams Morgan VT Control.100250
196Gilbert, A.C.1-Tube Receiver.Uses loose coupler and (2) variable condensers. With (1) brass base tipped tube. Filament OK. Fair to good condition, see photos.300700
197Gilbert, A.C.Transmitter/Receiver & Tele SetTwo items: (1) A buzzer wireless transmitter and a crystal detector receiver demonstration outfit. (2) A pair of telegraph keys with buzzers.100300
198Girton Company, T.C.Ericnella Crystal SetVery good, original condition. With original box with nice graphic on lid.100300
199Globe Earphone Co.Horn speakerBlack speaker on stand with three cells. Driver or cord open. See photos for details.100300
200HartmanPedestal Horn SpeakerVery good original condition. Driver OK. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP!200600
201HomebrewLoop AntennaSimple, homemade loop antenna, about 32" tall, 24" across.50100
202HomebrewZinc Printing Plate Radio Cabinet3-Piece homebrew set with cabinet made from used zinc newspaper printing plates. Elaborate etching design on front of each piece. Tubes untested.100300
203Hunt & McCreeCrystal SetNice, rare item. Detector needs attention. With original box and instructions.300800
204John Hugo Mfg. Co.Radio RexMetal roof and plastic dog with decorative box lid.100300
205KingAm-Pli-Tone Speaker - Headphone Type6 3/4" bell, 14 1/2" tall.100350
206KingSuperpone Horn Speaker - Headphone Type7 1/2" bell, 17 1/2" tall. About 4" taller than the more common Am-Pli-Tone.100500
207Bug Crystal SetLady BugPlastic shell. Crystal adjusted moving bug feelers.80150
208Little Gem by U.S. Co. Inc.Crystal SetOn tripod.200400
209Loewe RadioModel OE333 Multi-Valve setUses 3NF multivalve tube, display. Original.200600
210Maclite Radio Co.Model B1-Tube Receiver. With (1) Bakelite base tube, filament OK.100300
211Magnavox Co.A1-AAudio Frequency Amplifier. 1-tube. With (1) brass base, tipped display tube.200600
212Magnavox Co.AT2-E Amplivox Amplifier2-Tube amp. With (2) Bakelite display tubes.300600
213Magnavox Co.Type AC2-C2-Tube Audio Frequency Amplifier. With (2) Bakelite display tubes. Finish on cabinet crazed.200600
214Magnavox Co.AC3-CAudio Frequency Amplifier. With 3 Bakelite base display tubes.300800
215Magnavox Co.Type AC3-P6-tube audio amplifier. Has Edison Institute tag inventory No. R-1091. 2 Panel screws (included) do not line up. With 6 WE-216A tubes, (4) filament OK.10003000
216Magnavox Co.Type A1R-AHorn speaker with 1-tube amplifier. Has original Magnavox tube, filament OK. Note: The "chunks" out of the tube in photos are the result of photo processing. 14" bell.400800
217Magnavox Co.A2R-A2-Tube AF Amplifier & Horn. 2 brass based, tipped tubes, filament OK. 14" bell.300800
218Magnavox Co.Type TP1-A Horn SpeakerRARE! Large horn speaker mounted on heavy battery box. Unable to test driver. See photos.Uses (10) No. 6 dry cells, included. "Heavy." 18" bell.4001200
219Magnavox Co.Amplivox Type CA2-FVery scarce, cabinet model, enclosing a 2-tube amp and a horn speaker, 14" bell. With (2) display 01As. See photos.5002000
220Magnavox Co.R2-CHorn speaker. Input transformer missing, field open. 18" bell. Has soft/loud adjuster on driver.100400
221Magnavox Co.R3-AHorn Speaker. Good input and field continuity. Straight neck, 8" bell.200400
222Magnavox Co.R3-BHorn speaker. Good input and field continuity. 14" bell.200400
223Magnavox Co.R3-BOpen input and field. 14" bell.100350
224Magnavox Co.R3-DHorn speaker. 2 screws securing bell are missing. Good input and field continuity. Minor light scratch on lower rear of horn as seen in photos. 18" bell.300600
225Magnavox Co.Type R3-AHorn speaker. Input and field continuity OK. 14" bell.200400
226Magnavox Co.Type M-4Horn speaker. No cord, driver condition unknown, Bell slightly flattened at top as seen in photos. Condition fair. 11" bell.100250
227Magnavox Co.Model D Deluxe Receiver4-tube receiver in slide-out drawer. Behind doors. With (4) Bakelite tubes, filament OK.100300
228Magnavox Co.MC2-ATelemegaphone control box. A scarce Magnavox accessory.100300
229Manhattan OPT Co.Gundlach Crystal set (Larger model)Double slider crystal set. 150300
230Manhattan OPT Co.Gundlach Crystal set (smaller model)Double slider crystal set.150300
231MartianMartian Big 4Good original condition.300600
232MartianSpecial Crystal setOn tripod. Good original condition.100300
233Mu-Rad Laboratories Inc.MA-13Broadcast Receiver. With (6) Bakelite based display tubes. Inside nice with inspection tag! Cabinet fair.100300
234Mu-Rad Laboratories Inc.MA-156-Tube TRF. With (6) Bakelite base display tubes.100400
235Mu-Rad Laboratories Inc.Triplex receiverNo tubes100300
236Mu-Rad Laboratories Inc.R-12Rejector unit.60200
237Neutrowound Radio Mfg. Co. (Advance Automobile Accesories Co.)Model C-66-tubes. Black with six filament rheostats. 6 Bakelite tubes, filament okay.500900
238Neutrowound Radio Mfg. Co. (Advance Automobile Accesories Co.)Super Six 1926 Model6-tubes. Black with three filament rheostats.500900
239Neutrowound Radio Mfg. Co. (Advance Automobile Accesories Co.)1927 Model (Blue)6-tubes. Blue with three filament rheostats. Could not remove some of the tube covers. Tubes untested. Very nice paint.6001200
240Neutrowound Radio Mfg. Co. (Advance Automobile Accesories Co.)1928 Model (Red)6-tubes. Red with three filament rheostats. 6 Bakelite tubes, filament OK. Paint fair to good. Unfortunately, clear tape was put over bottom label when shipped to me.5001200
241ParkinCrystal setSmall knob on the front adjusts crystal detector inside. See photo. (Sorry... photo is sideways.)100200
242PatheCone Speaker - Illuminated Version18 1/2" cone speaker. small tear in cone. Driver OK. With light bulb, untested.300600
243Penna. WirelessGT-34-tube receiver. With (4) Bakelite base tubes, untested. (Back of cabinet will not stay shut.)150400
244Penna. WirelessGT-23-Tube receiver. With (3) brass based tubes, filaments OK.150300
245Penna. Wireless1-tube receiverFront panel is engraved with "WCAE." WCAE, a Pittsburgh station, went on the air in 1922. Perhaps questionable, but cabinet and inside is same construction as other Penna. sets.150350
246No Lot
247Pittsburgh Radio Supply HouseSP23-Rheostat version. With extra amp inside and locking pin. With (4) Bakelite tubes, filaments OK.200600
248Pittsburgh Radio Supply HouseSP21-Rheostat version. With extra amp inside and locking pin. With (4) Bakelite tubes, filaments OK.200600
249PrattTuning Aerial (loop antenna)Complex of three rotating loops. About 24" high and 17" diameter. Photos tell the story!4001200
250RCA (Westinghouse)Aeriola Jr.With inspection tag. Good detector.300700
251RCA (Westinghouse)Aeriola Jr. with Original Box (2 items)With box and WD-11 brass based tube (display). Box in fair condition.300800
252RCA (Westinghouse)Aeriola Sr. Amplifier Type AC.2 tube amplifier. With (2) brass base, tipped display tubes.150400
253RCA (Westinghouse)Aeriola Sr. Receiver Type RF1 tube receiver. With (1) WD-11 tube (display).150450
254RCA (Westinghouse)Radiola Sr. RF.1 tube regenerative receiver. With (1) WD-11 diaplay tube.150450
255RCA (Westinghouse)Radiola AC.2 stage audio amplifier from Muchow Museum. No tubes.150400
256RCA (Westinghouse)Radiola RSRegenerative receiver and amplifier. No tubes.150500
257RCA (Westinghouse)RAShort-Wave tuner. Later model: note Bakelite knob.100250
258RCA (Westinghouse)RAShort-Wave tuner. Earlier model: note metal dial. Panel is spotted, see photos.100300
259RCA (Westinghouse)RAShort-Wave tuner. Early Version. SN: 7558100300
260RCA (Westinghouse)RA - Pittsburgh ModelShort-Wave tuner. Manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA Very early version. SN: 189. Panel is a bit mottled, see photos.100400
261RCA (Westinghouse)DA3-tube; detector, 2-step AF amplifier.100250
262RCA (Westinghouse)DA3-tube; detector, 2-step AF amplifier. Earlier model. Tube shock mounts bad.100300
263RCA (Westinghouse)DA 3-tube3-tube; detector, 2-step AF amplifier. Early Version. SN: 1725.100300
264No Lot
265RCA (Westinghouse)CB loading coilFor an RA and RC receiver. With box.80200
266RCA (Westinghouse)RTAntenna tuner. Scarce RCA item.8002000
267RCA (Westinghouse)AR3-stage, untuned RF amplifier. Scarce RCA item!8002000
268RCA (Westinghouse)DR - Detector AmplifierRare resistance-coupled "DA". No tubes.6001800
269RCA (Westinghouse)Rebroadcast ReceiverScarce Receiver and 4-tube AF amp. Used to rebroadcast another station's signal. Receiver tube panel loose. With (7) brass based tipped tubes, (3) filaments OK.30006000
270RCARadiola AG-814 Loop AntennaCylindrical shaped loop antenna. About 23" high, 17" diameter.100250
271RCA (General Electric Co.)ER-753Crystal set, often called "the wedge". Rare.300800
272RCA/World Wide WirelessRadiola I - ER-753ANice condition, except missing coil cover inside cabinet.250700
273RCARadiola II (AR-800)2-tube portable with headphones. With (2) display tubes.150450
274RCARadiola III, With Original BoxSipping box includes a boxed Radiola III, two boxed Brandes head phones and two boxed WD-11 (display) tubes. Serial numbers do not match and Radiola III has been used.100400
275RCARadiola IVSelf-contained in cabinet with batteries and speaker in cabinet. 3-tube set. With (3) Bakelite based tubes, filaments OK.300800
276RCA (General Electric Co.)Radiola VThe AR1300 crystal set and the AA1400 detector/2-step AF amplifier combination. With top. Crystal detector believed to be original.200500
277RCA (General Electric Co.)Radiola VIAA1520 3-stage RF amp. and the AA1400 det/2-step AF amp. combination. Used the AG1380 loop antenna. With 6 brass based tubes, 3 okay, 3 display. With top (possibly a reproduction)200500
278RCARadiola VII5-tube receiver. No tubes. Includes reproduction battery brackets. (included in envelope).8003000
279RCARadiola VIIB5-tube receiver in table crank-phonograph-style cabinet. Tube shock mount loose, tubes untested.8003000
280RCARadiola Super VIII Console RadioWith (6) 199 tubes, untested. With ARCA 1990 Convention 1st place ribbon. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP.300600
281RCARadiola IXSonoran Radio/Phonograph Combination. 5-tube receiver panel. Tubes untested. See photos. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP.4001500
282RCARadiola X4-Tube receiver. With (4) Bakelite base WD-11, filament OK.250550
283RCA (General Electric Co.)Radiola Grand on RCA Floor Cabinet4-tube receiver panel. With UX-199 display tubes in WD-11 adapters. Cabinet is hard to find. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP!5001300
284RCASuper-Heterodyne6-tube receiver with warranty tag. With (6) 199s, filaments OK. Includes tuner rings.140300
285RCARadiola Regenoflex4-tube receiver. With (4) Bakelite base WD-11s, filaments OK.150300
286RCARadiola 20 - Floor ModelUncommon Radiola 20 version. With nice label in lid and (5) UX-199s, filament good. See "Radio Manufacturers of the 1920s," page 43. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP.100300
287RCARadiola 24 (Portable Super Heterodyne)With (6) 199 Bakelite tubes, filaments OK. With repro owners manual.5001200
288RCARadiola 26 PortableWith (6) untested 199 tubes. With A and C batteries. Includes rare battery box.300900
289RCARadiola UZ-1325 Horn SpeakerDriver OK.80200
290RCARadiola UZ-1320 Horn SpeakerDriver or cord open.100400
291RCARadiola FH Horn SpeakerScarce. Driver OK.100300
292RCA (General Electric Co.)1 tube panel/ampBreadboard style, 1-tube audio amplifier with 2 transformers and rheostat. 1 brass based tube, display. 2 RCA transformers (UV-712). "Never seen before."200600
293RCAHG-1380 Loop AntennaLarge folding, loop antenna with UC-1820 Faradopn variable capacitor. When open, 58" tall by 51 1/2" wide.5001000
294RCATF Transmitter20 Watt Transmitter, Phone & Telegraph. Price in 1922 was $305. Includes (4) good UV-202 brass based, tipped tubes.15006000
295RCAET-3619 20W Transmitter & ET-3620 Rectifier2 pieces. ET-3619 uses (4) UV-202. ET-3620 uses (4) UV-216. With (4) brass based, tipped UV-202, (2) UV-216 and (2) Type 10 tubes (included for display.) Has been restored. (See Radio enters the Home, page 98)18007000
296RCATheremin & 106 speakerVery good condition, good tubes. Invented by Leon Theremin in the 1920s. "An absolutely new unique musical instrument anyone can play." WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP!600012000
297RCAPhoto, framed, Radiola VFather and son listening to a Radiola V using headsets. Color.50100
298RCA (Westinghouse)Photo, Framed of RC (RADA)27" wide by 23 1/2" high. B/W.100300
299RCA (Westinghouse)Red Banner"New Westinghouse Radios Are Here". Canvas painted banner, red. Double sided. 34" wide by 45" long. 60150
300Ritchie & Sons, E.S.Type CA-1Serial number 91.200500
301Ritchie & Sons, E.S.CRB-23 tube receiver. With (3) Bakelite tubes, filament OK.200500
302Ritchie & Sons, E.S.Tuner100300
303Ritchie & Sons, E.S.Crystal detector100200
304SaalPedestal Horn SpeakerDriver or cord open. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP!200600
305SadlerHorn Speaker - Headphone TypeVery good original condition.100300
306Standard RadioMultivalveSet uses the Emerson Multivalve tube. With display tube.100300
307Standard Radio & Electric Co.Giblin Radioear Loop Antenna54 3/4" tall by 24 3/4" wide.200600
308TowerAdventurer - Ship Cone SpeakerCone is warped. Driver OK. Metal work is OK.150350
309TowerCastle Cone SpeakerCone is warped and pulled away from upper frame. Open measured through cord. Metal work is OK.100300
310Tuska Co., C.D.Type 220Regenerative tuner; Primary series condenser, secondary tuning condenser, plate variometer for regeneration.150450
311Tuska Co., C.D.Type 222, late1 Brass based tube, filament OK.200500
312Tuska Co., C.D.Type 2241-tube regenerative receiver. 1 Bakelite tube, filament OK.150350
313Tuska Co., C.D.Type 2252-panel version. 1-tube regenerative receiver (Type 224) and 2-stage AF amplifier (Type 226) in one cabinet. 3 Bakelite display tubes.250600
314Tuska Co., C.D.Type 2251-panel version. 1-tube regenerative receiver (Type 224) and 2-stage AF amplifier (Type 226). 3 Bakelite tubes, filament OK.150400
315Tuska Co., C.D.Type 2262-tube AF amplifier. 2 Bakelite tubes, filament OK. Lid is a bit warped150450
316Tuska Co., C.D.Type 227Regenerative 3-circuit tuner; Detector & 2-stage AF amplifier. 3 Bakelite display tubes.150450
317Tuska Co., C.D.Type 228 Superdyne4-tubes. RF amplifier, detector, 2-stage AF amplifier. No tubes.200500
318Tuska Co., C.D.Type 3003-Tube receiver. No Tubes.150400
319Tuska Co., C.D.Type 300 DeluxeExtended cabinet. 3 brass based tubes, 2 with good filament, 1 display.150400
320Tuska Co., C.D.Type 301 Superdyne Junior3-tube receiver. Detector, 2-stage AF amplifier. 3 Bakelite tubes, filament OK. Spot on top of cabinet is not as bad as it looks in the photo.100350
321Tuska Co., C.D.Superdyne juniorWith (3) Bakelite display tubes. (Note: vertical mark on panel is a reflection.)100300
322Tuska Co., C.D.Type 305 Superdyne4-tube receiver. RF amplifier, detector, 2-stage AF amplifier. 4 Bakelite tubes, filament OK.100300
323Unknown Mfg. (Thompson?)Loop AntennaLoop antenna, rotating. About 26 1/2" high, 10 1/2" wide loop.80150
324Unknown Mfg.Loop Antenna, TallTall folding loop antenna, When open, 66 3/4" tall by 15" wide. Condition fair.100200
325Unknown Mfg.Horn Speaker - Headphone TypeUnusual. With (2) separate single headphones enclosed in base. Open cord or driver.100300
326Unknown Mfg.Pedestal Horn Speaker tableOrnate pedestal horn speaker table. Open cord or driver. See photo. WINNING BIDDER MUST ARRANGE FOR PICKUP!200600
327VogueCone SpeakerOrnate 19 1/2" cone speaker. Good driver.100300
328Wilson Utensil Co. (Dayton. Ohio)Moon Horn Speaker - Headphone TypeMetal in good original condition.250600
329ZenithCompanion PortableVery scarce. 6-tube receiver. Tubes untested.25006000
330Zenith-Like - WestburrSixSix tube suitcase portable set similar to the Zenith Companion. Includes (6) 199 tubes (display).200800
331Zenith1R4-Tube, w/peep hole. Pot metal gears bad. (Reproduction gears included.) With 22.5 volt battery and brackets included. No tubes.300800
332Zenith2M2-Tube AF Amplifier. No tubes.300600
333Zenith2M2 Bakelite display tubes.300600
334Zenith3MScarce 3-tube AF amplifier. No tubes.300900
335Zenith3R (late)4 Bakelite base tubes, filaments OK.250500
336Zenith4R (Early)4-Tube, w/peep hole. No tubes.200500
337Zenith4R (Late)4-Tube set. No tubes.200600
338ZenithTuner/EliminatorA wave trap/filter to reject strong stations at the input for better performance of early Zenith receivers.6001500